Delinuts wants to be the most modern nut wholesaler of Europe. RCLM was asked to create the identity. Starting with a restyle of the logo, we’ve developed a striking corporate identity. No images of a pile of nuts, but nuts presented as the hero. Spherical pictures of happy consumers. Nuts all throughout the day, whether it is time for breakfast, dinner or a snack. Let us tickle your taste buds.





Modernising a logo without changing the feeling of the brand.

A difficult restriction creating a new style, but we could not be more happy with the result. The logo written in a powerful font with lots of personality, the dot on the i presenting a nut, without being too obvious. The shape of different nuts are used as graphical elements, all throughout the corporate identity in notable colours, which give Delinuts a nice bite.

We are just getting started developing communication material for retail and speciality store. Please keep an eye on the Delinuts website and your local nut supplier. To be continued 😉

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