Farmers’ cooperation Agrifirm has asked us to develop allround communication concepts for some of their promising products. Agrifirm continuously feeds their members with the most innovative products and knowledge. RCLM was asked to develop an original campaign for an high-end fertilizer and a storage advice for potatoes. Not the most common products but it was more than interesting to dive into these worlds. Based upon market research and after diverse profound conversations with Agrifirm specialists, we’ve managed to develop creative and effective campaigns.

Based upon the product features we’ve created a concept in which the gradual issue of nutritions is captured all throughout the story. We started of with an internal kickoff getting all specialists enthusiastic and trained. We have created applicable and distinguishing communication materials to support the specialist communicating the product features. Take a look at the hourglass-box presenting the longtime issue of nutritions.  An allround approach with a distinctive story. The base for the success of TopCote.

The Agrifirm specialists simply know best how to store potatoes. We’ve created a campaign to share this knowledge with their farmers. Get inspired by the digital conservation-tool which calanders all specific circumstances concerning the conservation of potatoes.

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